Night noises of Kabul

A day before our return to Canada, the Internet became inaccessible in Kabul. That meant that the airport had to get the passengers out of the city the old-fashioned way—by hand writing boarding passes. Credit is due the airport employees; we were only about an hour late for our flight to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

At nighttime, the most dramatic difference between Canada and Kabul is the lack of noise. I miss Kabul’s ritual 3:40 a.m. call to prayer from mosque loudspeakers. The haunting chanting wakens you to other night sounds, such as the staccato clip clop of commerce as small horses, with the pretty dished faces of Arabians,  pull wooden flatbed carts filled with produce to market. Occasionally, a boom is heard from far away, bringing to mind the possibility of Taliban violence, rather than something more benign.