Snacks in the Amazon

Leticia in southern Colombia sits at the junction of Brazil and Peru in an area called Tres Fronteras. It is a major port along the Amazon, and venders sell food, clothing and other wares in the colourful marketplace. One Amazon culinary delight is the coconut grub, found in dead palm trees. They are sold alive and wiggling, but are best when marinated in citrus fruit and grilled. Neither Tallulah nor I had the stomach to sample one of these fat little delicacies.

In the Big House

Baribú Geraga ‘Gustavo’ Mejia Makuna lives in the Amazon at the southern-post tip of Colombia in the “Big House,” an enormous one-room oblong hut with a steep roof made of grey-weathered, interlacing palm fronds and a wall of wooden planks.  Gustavo, as he prefers to be called, is a shaman and political leader, Continue reading