Journeys to the Edge (J2E) is in the early stages of a documentary about female Afghan journalists, filmmakers and social activists who are transforming deeply entrenched misogynistic attitudes within Afghanistan. One of the women featured is the winner of the J2E Emerging Journalist Scholarship: 18-year-old Mubareka Sahar Fetrat of Kabul, Afghanistan. Fetrat will attend the Langara Digital Film Production course in September 2014, thanks to the $17,000 scholarship, which covers tuition, return airfare, computer and software equipment as well as accommodations, food and sundry.
Fetrat has worked on documentary projects in Afghanistan for organizations like MTV Iggy Production, Afghan Voices and Aljazeera. Fetrat’s impressive list of credits includes Kabul Cards, a documentary chronicling the lives of three girls living in the Afghanistan city of Kabul and Do Not Trust My Silence! about the lives of Afghan women living under an oppressive patriarchy where street harassment and other forms of persecution are a daily reality.

J2E is currently assisting Fetrat’s application for a temporary visitor’s visa to Canada at the Canadian immigration office in Abu Dhabi, UAE.