Magazine writer and editor Roberta Staley and Tallulah of Tallulah Photography in Vancouver have travelled the globe documenting the struggles of people in the developing world. Inspired by the many stories of compassion, struggle and courage, Tallulah and Roberta created Journeys to the Edge (J2E), an organization with several objectives.

First, J2E is a fund-raising organization that supports independent journalism in Canada and the developing world. As traditional media outlets close bureaus around the globe and slash international coverage, objective reporting from the field is compromised, despite digital information gathering. J2E helps Staley and Tallulah Photography cover expenses associated with their international reporting endeavours. Most recently, the team reported on the work of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan. This NGO’s literacy programs are helping women in Afghanistan achieve gender parity following years of Taliban oppression. The stories from Afghanistan compiled by the J2E team appeared in the University of British Columbia’s alumni publication Trek, ELLE Canada, MONTECRISTO and Just for Canadian Doctors magazines.

By creating the J2E Emerging Journalist Scholarship program, we are helping cultivate relations between Canadian journalism schools and emerging young reporters from the developing world to give them the skills needed to nurture democracy in their home nation. J2E succeeded in bringing Sebastian Petion of Port-au-Prince, Haiti to Vancouver to attend the Langara College Digital Film Production course. J2E continues to fulfill this mandate, selecting 18-year-old Mubareka Sahar Fetrat of Kabul, Afghanistan for the Langara Digital Film Production course, starting this September.