Past Events

Afghanistan Rising
June 27, 2012

Journeys to the Edge (J2E) is announcing an upcoming multi-video event and fundraiser, Afghanistan Rising. A portion of the money raised will go to Young Women for Change, a youth group based in the capital city of Kabul that is working to transform deeply entrenched misogynistic attitudes.

Afghanistan Rising is set for Thursday June 27 from 7 PM to 9 PM at Chapel Arts, 304 Dunlevy Avenue. There will be raffles, door prizes, wine and snacks. Tickets go on sale at the end of May. The cost will be $20 for adults, seniors and students $15. Chapel Arts is Vancouver’s oldest and most historic art deco structures and a strong supporter of the city’s visual arts and music scene.

Afghanistan Rising is the creation of J2E principals Roberta Staley and Tallulah Photography, who embarked on a reporting trip to the Central Asia nation in 2012. This multi-media event will take you to the open-air markets of Kabul, a sensory overload of scents and sights like saffron, turmeric, roses, harvest vegetables and livestock. You will be introduced to world champion Qu’ran singer Ahmad Reshad Mamozai, and an Afghan rug designer whose wares sell as far afield as Vancouver. You will meet female politicians who brave Taliban threats to fight for gender equality, the Afghanistan women’s boxing team, the owners of Kabul’s top beauty salon, an international fashion designer, jewelry makers, and an Afghan-Canadian cardiologist who treats everyone for free – even members of the Taliban. You will also meet the courageous men and women – foreigners and nationals – working to restore civil society in a nation devastated by three decades of civil war.

J2E is proud to announce that it fulfilled one aspect of its mandate last year – bringing an emerging journalist from the developing world to Canada. Sebastian Petion of Haiti attended the Langara College Digital Film program last year, and has since returned home. Thanks to his training in Canada, Petion is now producing videos and documentaries and works as an assistant producer for major media outlets. Such skills will go a long way towards capacity building in Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. This June 2013 fundraiser will also help raise monies to bring an emerging female journalist from Afghanistan to attend a digital film production course in Vancouver.