Journeys to the Edge (J2E) brings emerging journalists from the developing world to Canada to attend journalism and film production programs, in the belief that such training will help nurture and build the democratic process in their home nations. J2E is a young organization, being formed only in 2012 by Roberta Staley and Tallulah Photography of Vancouver. It has accomplished a great deal in just one year. J2E brought emerging journalist Sebastian Petion of Port-au-Prince, Haiti to Canada to attend the Langara Digital Film Production course.

In 2013, J2E selected an emerging young female journalist and filmmaker to attend the same course this coming September. The principals also created “Afghanistan Rising” a multimedia presentation combining video, still photography and live narration that showcased Afghan female politicians who brave Taliban threats to fight for gender equality, an Afghan-Canadian cardiologist who treats patients for free, and many others working to restore civil society in a nation devastated by three decades of civil war. The presentation also highlighted the work of Young Women for Change, a youth organization in Kabul that raises awareness about women’s rights. The inaugural showing in Vancouver in June, 2013 raised money for Young Women for Change. It is being shown in Nanaimo, British Columbia on Dec. 6, 2013 as part of Vancouver Island University’s (VIU) annual Activism Against Gender Violence, commemorating the 24th anniversary of the slaying of women students by Marc Lépine at École Polytechnique de Montréal. “Afghanistan Rising” is also being presented in the spring of 2014 to students at Eric Hamber Secondary School in Vancouver.