2013 Emerging Journalist Scholarship Winner
Mubareka Sahar Fetrat

Mubareka-Sahar-FetratThe Journeys to the Edge Emerging Journalist scholarship was awarded in 2013 to 18-year-old Mubareka Sahar Fetrat of Kabul, Afghanistan. Fetrat will attend the Langara Digital Film Production course in September 2014, thanks to the scholarship, which is valued at $17,000.

Fetrat is an exciting young Afghan filmmaker and journalist who has worked on documentary projects for organizations like MTV Iggy Production, Afghan Voices and Aljazeera. She talks about coming to Vancouver:

“As a female filmmaker from Afghanistan, the Langara program has a lot to offer. Every single lesson I will learn in this program can help me contribute to the knowledge and betterment of filmmaking in my country. Especially as a young woman, I can be a stronger voice for women in my country and become a professional in my field. And when I return to Afghanistan from the Langara program, I could start my own production house—the first woman in Afghanistan to do so.”

Fetrat is not only a documentary filmmaker but a social activist. She is co-founder of the Independent Female Society Organization, a non-profit that works to strengthen civil society and empower women in Afghanistan. She is also a member of Young Women for Change, which raises awareness in Afghanistan about women’s rights.

Fetrat has an impressive list of credits for such a young filmmaker. She is the co-creator of Kabul Cards, a documentary chronicling the lives of three girls living in the Afghanistan city of Kabul. The film was screened in 2011 at the Nobel Peace Center Exhibition in Norway and at the Kabul Fresh category of films at the 14th Mumbai Film Festival. Do Not Trust My Silence! is another of Fetrat’s creations that documents the lives of Afghan women living under an oppressive patriarchy where street harassment and other forms of persecution are a daily reality.

Fetrat is currently an undergraduate student at the American University of Afghanistan, which she attends as a United States Embassy scholarship winner. She will be available for speaking engagements during her stay in Vancouver from September 2014 to January 2015.

For more information or to donate to the J2E Emerging Journalist Scholarship Fund please contact Roberta Staley at or 604-738-9251. Journeys to the Edge will be able to issue charity receipts in 2014 for donations of $20 and up.